United Way of Sandusky County’s Mission:

At United Way of Sandusky County we fund local programs that touch thousands of lives and create lasting change in Sandusky County.

United Way of Sandusky County is taking the lead to tackle our community’s toughest challenges and find solutions that will have lasting impact. We work with community leaders to identify areas of systemic need and fund programs that address those needs to truly improve the lives of people here in Sandusky County.

We believe every student deserves to feel the joy of reading, every senior deserves to feel the joy of companionship, every mother deserves to feel the joy of financial stability, and every family should feel the joy of a warm meal.

United Way of Sandusky County works to convene the right people and the right organizations to determine what the most critical needs are, and what can we do to meet those needs in a way that creates lasting change in the lives of the people we touch. We work to create innovative public-private partnerships that deliver effective services, and educate the community about the impact of human services funding.

Breaking the cycles of poverty, dropouts and poor health in Sandusky County requires engaging the entire community – it takes all of us. Our goal is to bring together all our partners: business, labor, non-profits, and advocates – to help find common ground give joy to those who need it.

Give Joy

Sandusky County Cancer Care Fund Weekend @ Jimmy Bukkett's

Fri, Sep 10th 2021 at 5:00 PM EDT

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