Priority: To provide opportunities for youth that will enable them to be prepared and successful in both high school and post high school with a specific emphasis on career development.




By 2018, increase the skill level of our working population to meet the current needs of the employers as measured by county wide educational achievement.


Year #1 Connect people with immediate employment and education needs to community resources.

Year #2 Work with community partners to identify programs and strategies that will match potential employees with the training needed to increase their skill levels.

Year #3 Work with community partners to promote continued enrollment and completion of certificate programs.


Camp Fire Sandusky County

  • Programs (Club, Self Reliance, and Preschool)
  • Day Camp Program

Chamber Foundation of Sandusky County

  • REACH Program

Council for Developmental Disabilities of Sandusky County

  • Summer Recreation Options

Fremont City Schools

  • ACE Mentoring Program

Gibsonburg Exempt Village Schools

  • Reading Mentoring Program

Girl Scouts of North East Ohio

  • Troop-Based Girl Scout Leadership Experience

Sandusky County 4-H Clubs

  • Community Clubs Program
  • Junior Camp Program

Sandusky County YMCA

  • Child Development Program