United Way of Sandusky County funds programs that create lasting change right here in Sandusky County. We are changing lives today for a better tomorrow.


People in our community can only thrive and provide for themselves when they have a roof over their head and the nutrition they need to take care of their family or hold down a job. United Way of Sandusky County will continue to connect people in need with community resources that provide food, shelter, and other emergency assistance.

We are working to ensure that adequate food and safe and affordable housing for individuals and families is more accessible. We want all Sandusky County residents to have access to an environment where they feel safe. We want to improve access to reliable transportation for low income individuals and families.

Programs we fund

American Red Cross of Northwest Ohio Chapter – Sandusky County

  • Disaster Preparedness and Response Program
  • Services to Armed Forces Program

CASA of Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot Counties

  • CASA of Sandusky County

Great Lakes Community Action Partnership

  • Senior Meals-On-Wheels
  • Transportation

Sandusky County Public Health

  • Welcome Home Visit/Cribs for Kids Program

Sandusky County Share and Care Center

  • Family Financial Assistance Program

United Way of Sandusky County

  • First Call for Help

Village House of Northwest Ohio

  • Supervised Parent/Child Visitation

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