Safety and Basic Needs

Priority: To advance individuals and families to financial empowerment




By 2018, increase the number of Sandusky County adults and families with an annual income which meets or exceeds the median U.S. Census figures for the county.


Year #1 Connect people in immediate need with community resources.

Year #2 Assist persons and families with persistent needs to take the initial steps toward self-sufficiency by addressing housing and viable employment.

Year #3 Track the increased number of persons and families that achieve and sustain self-sufficiency.


American Red Cross of Northwest Ohio Chapter – Sandusky County

  • Disaster Preparedness and Response Program
  • Services to Armed Forces Program

CASA of Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot Counties

  • CASA of Sandusky County

Family and Children First Council of Sandusky County

  • Wrap Around Program

Liberty Center of Sandusky County

  • Shelter Program
  • Domestic Violence Advocate Program

Sandusky County Food Pantry, Inc.

  • Feeding Needy Families Program

Sandusky County Share and Care Center

  • Family Financial Assistance Program

United Way of Sandusky County

  • First Call for Help

Village House Supervised Visitation and Exchange

  • Parent and Child Bonding and Building Program